27 Nov

Dear Friends, I am very happy to be a part of and to launch this small Weblog. JI hope that it will prove to be somewhat helpful to readers who are interested in South Asian, especially Pakistani literature.

 Since this ‘blog purports to focus on Pakistani/South Asian literature (in particular Pakistani/South Asian literature in English)—which are my main areas of interest and specialization—I shall, from time to time, be posting articles and material that relates to these topics, concerning a selection of writers from here who I feel are ‘significant’ enough for inclusion.

 I shall be starting with a few pieces on the poet and scholar Omer Tarin, as I chiefly focused on his work/s for my PhD degree.

 Hope that you’ll enjoy reading these blogs and, perhaps, find them useful for your own research and studies. You are welcome to send in your comments, and relevant ones shall be posted to the appropriate site/s. Thanks.


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