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List of Pakistani Poets writing in English

31 Jan

List of Pakistani Poets writing in or who wrote in English *

1. H. Shaheed Sohrawardy
2. Taufiq Rafat
3. Daud Kamal
4. Alamgir Hashmi (Stll alive/writing)
5. Maki Kureshi
6. Kaleem Omar
7. R. Changez Sultan (Still alive/writing)
8. Ikram Azam (Still alive/writing)
9. Hina Faisal Imam (Still alive/writing)
10. Imtiaz Dharker
11. Jocelyn Ortt-Saeed (Stiil alive/writing)
12. M Athar Tahir
13. Shehryar Rashed
14. Waqas A Khwaja (Still alive/writing)
15. Omer Tarin (Still alive/writing)
16. Parveen Pasha (Still alive/writing)
17. Ejaz Rahim (Still alive/writing)
18.Ilona Yusuf
19 Haris Kahliq
20 Mehvish Amin

* Some of them also wrote or are writing in languages of Pakistan other than, or in addition to, English. Those who are still alive and writing are thus indicated. Reviews and interviews of Omer Tarin, have already been given/shared here so his name is highlighted above. Other major, significant poets are also highlighted. This list does not contain some additional/other names of Pakistani-origin poets who now live full time abroad or dont identify themselves as Pakistani, primarily.